Sunday, May 23, 2010


as i laze about on this hazy sunday morn , another day older, a little more worn, i'm thinking about families and why they do last, with each new addition brings something from the past and the stories that follow and weave throughout, that is what life is all about.......enjoy your sunday, jack

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


do dreams appear in your head by accident? can we control a dream? do we even remember them.....clearly? if i had a certain dream when i was say.....six years old, would i have the same dream now, when i'm going to be fiftyfour? i know there has been alot of research on dreams and alot of misreading of dreams but what exactly are these little movies in your head when you are lights out? are they the last thoughts before you dim the lights? why do they occur and why do they show up when they do? just wondering, i suppose i''ll never really know. pleasant dreams....jack c.........anybody out there have any dreams they would like to share? the rain is falling outside my window, in tiny drops they flow, off into the street they roll, surely better than the snow

Sunday, May 16, 2010


good afternoon, just watching the clouds fill a once sunny sky. it is a beautiful sunday afternoon and i thought i'd blog a little before enjoying some red wine and the newspaper on the front porch. yes, i'm one of those types who still like reading the printed word. i know the death knell has been sounded for the newspapers across the world, replaced by the world wide net but i''ll resist till they close the book on me. the two can coexist and they shall, that's all i have to say on that at the moment. went to the cape yesterday, great to be back at the shore in search of the stripped bass. they managed to elude me this time but i''ll be back, tis early. just watching the water flow, in and out, east and west, relentless in its precision is worth the trip. well, that's all folks, today, not forever......ciao, jack c

Saturday, May 8, 2010


just sitting around on a rainy day in may. i started this blog a year ago january but i haven't written too much this year. blog world is really a great place to connect with folks all over the world and sometimes i just need a kick to get going. off to maine tomorrow to have brunch with mom and some other family members. york beach is the spot, a beautiful seaside town not too far up the coast. last weekend went to new hampshire to see a even more reclusive brother, michael. went kayaking, fishing and also swimming.......not by choice. getting out of kayak is an adventure sometimes. i see less and less of family and friends as i get older, and that's not right. should keep in touch more with the ones you yesterday was my good friend deedees birthday. i wrote on her blog but i should have called, maybe enjoyed a glass of wine with her and mac......soon, i will. back to my rainy day, jack c

Monday, February 1, 2010

feb 2010

it's the first day of february, 2010. here in new england it's cold. not bone chilling cold but cold enough. haven't been to blogworld in awhile so i thought i'd drop by and view things. spring is only a few short months away.......or a long hard drive. it depends on how you look at things. i know spring is coming and the lazy days of summer will follow. it's been that way forever. as i get older winter seems to get a bit longer and the other seasons lose a few weeks. i know that's not really what happens but it sure seems that way. well i'm off to read some blogs and see how everybody is doing. see ya just around the corner, jack

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tis christmas

tis christmas and like the old charlie brown christmas special i'm wondering what it all means. when your'e a kid it means toys, toys, toys. and a week off from school. then we get older and buying gifts for family and friends and maybe a nice holiday dinner is the norm. but this year seems different. the mood seems .......gloomy. maybe the economy has gotten people down.maybe the true meaning of christmas has become lost over the years. i don't own alot of ''toys'', haven't lived in a house since i was little and have no desire to acquire alot of stuff. i do like getting together with the family and friends, sharing good food and some fine red wine. on that note i was in millis, a small town i grew up next to, this past sunday for a holiday party. some good friends have been hosting this event for fifteen years or so and they finally invited me....heehee. i only knew a few folks, the hosts brother and family and a couple of others. the food was great, the mood jovial and at the end of the day they had a raffle. i didn't realize the proceeds were going to a local foodbank but as i drove home that day i thought what a wonderful idea that was. giving, so others can that is the true meaning of christmas. linus got it right and no, charlie brown was not a blockhead, he was a good kid. he was just like the rest of us. merry christmas everybody.....jack frost

Monday, November 2, 2009


how do you stay warm in winter? layered clothing, hot toddys, another log on the fire? for those in northern climes you have to be creative. oh, i suppose if you have the time and money you could just flee winter's grasp and head somewhere, anywhere the temperture doesn't fall below eighty but for the majority of folks that is not an option. it's not just the cold, it is the dark, unrelenting night, the boredom of confinement, the narrowing of our lifestyles that tends to drag you down and put a freeze on things. you just don't come home after eight hours of work, grab a glass of wine and the newspaper and sit out on the porch, an open porch, and relax when the thermometer reads twentyfive and the wind is blowing in your face. it would be nice to follow the sun, to not have to deal with all the miseries that winter brings. maybe this year,maybe not. i''ll let you know. til then, i will do as i always have done and what my ancestors did.....struggle to stay warm and keep the faith....the faith that spring will be early this year