Saturday, June 27, 2009


farrah,michael,ed mcmahon.....three icons of the sixties, seventies,eighties all passed away this past week. people are born and people die every day.....not just famous folk.when the famous die there is usually a treasure trove of artifacts that appear all over the media, reliving the glory days. michael jackson, being the youngest and possibly the oh how to put this, the oddest of the three has garnered the most press. like elvis he will remain the king. people will show up every year at.....neverland? and leave flowers and makeshift shrines at his grave. in death , just like in his life i doubt he will find peace. there will be sightings, fan clubs insisting he lives and all the other hoopla that surrounds the other king, elvis to this day. farrah's death and the accompanying stories will be a little more subdued. the brave way she endured and the stuggle to live will be noted but her days in the spotlight are over. she was famous long ago, mostly for being beautiful and that's how she will be remembered. ed mcmahon's generation is already passed, he outlived most of his contemporaries and though we can still see him in black and white on the early tonight show clips that holds little for todays youth based culture. thats what happens when you live too long, your'e forgotten before you even pass. well thats enough from me today, i'm heading out to enjoy what we in new england call summer, be good and take good care, jack c

Thursday, June 18, 2009

ark time?

did the earth stop spinning? it must have, why else would this low/high whatever system you want to call it seem to be sitting on top of england?, east coast, where is it not raining? i'm sure there are a few stretches of barren wasteland somewhere on the globe that has not been inundated by the cold, wet stuff. it is june, the 18th to be exact and summer is near. at least in concept. in reality summer could not be farther away. now i'm not complaining. it might sound like it but i'm not. really. i'm only making an observation. you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing. thank you bob dylan for that little gem. the real reason i'm blogging is today, at 3:04 i became a great uncle once again. my darling niece had a beautiful baby girl and that makes me very happy. i''ll head up to the hospital tomorrow to say hey and check her out but tonight i'm toasting her arrival with a glass of red and listening to the rain outside my window. here's to you mia catherine, live long and dear old uncle jack

Thursday, June 11, 2009

oh, to summer

the last days of spring, it's cool and green and new, before the summer burns away the mornings drop of dew and promises that were written on winter's icy breath lay bare in open fields to die an early death and all along the hillsides, sprinkled deep amongst the trees lie remnants of an earlier time, one closer to the seas and every day we live upon this madly spinning rock shows us just how far we've come and how far we have to has anybody seen the sun? just asking

Friday, June 5, 2009

the moon in june

yes it is june, half way through another year. amazing when you think of it. a fellow blogger from o' canada writes today that it SNOWED yesterday. well, more sleet than snow but' springtime in new england which means the weather outside changes almost daily. it's been on the cool side mostly, which i like. the heat come july is always welcome but when the humidity kicks in and you can see and taste the air it becomes dreadful. it only last a short time but it can seem a lot longer. i'm not a big fan of air conditioning but i can see why we have it. i adjust fairly well to the stuff but it just kills most folks. well here it is friday night , round 6:30 and i'm tapping away, just had my last glass of wine and i'm working tomorrow. the excitement never stops....heehee. take good care and i''ll catch you on the june.....the indignity of it all...