Tuesday, July 21, 2009


it has been awhile......two weeks now. blogging is definitely a winter sport, at least for me. this weekend past i did go to new hampshire to visit my brother and his wife. nice time, great weather. we took the kayaks out, first to a small lake and then to a meandering river on sunday. the river trip was the best. the powdermill river takes its time flowing through barrington, in western new hampshire. it zigs then zags with no rhyme or reason, at least to me. water plants line the sides providing perfect cover for a large variety of fish. great blue herons sit quietly waiting for their chance to swoop in for a meal. it was a little windy so finding a spot amongst the weeds to place the kayak was quite the trick. summer in new england does not last but when it is here, it's a treat. fishing turned out to be productive too......one large pickeral, his smaller brother, perch and kivers were plentiful. the kayak is a wonderful way to ride the river. sitting low, gliding slowly or paddling madly, you can't beat it. exercise and enjoyment all i wrapped in a ten foot molded plastic floatation device. sounds fun?it was.....see ya round the bend, jack c.....ps. i'm off to maine next wednesday, the 29th for a few....long live summer

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


yes it is summer which means there is no time. there is time but it moves with the pace of a sultry humid night. i'm not sure i could take summer the whole year round [i can hear most of you screaming ''why the hell not?''i like summer, just like i like spring, fall and yes winter. each season serves a purpose. summer time is to slow down, take it easyyyyyy. it would be nice to take the summer off, at the beach or perhaps a quiet lake. summer is a time to linger, read the paper a little slower each day whilst sipping on the morning coffee. sand castles and body surfing would fill my days while red wine over a soft sunset would lead me into evening.....a perfect summers eve. fall is right around the corner along with responsibility and cool air and clarity to follow. i'm not ready yet, summer is just starting to sink into our senses and i'm going to enjoy it all. on that note....i''ll see ya around, jack c