Sunday, August 9, 2009


this afternoon i went down to medway, my hometown. i only live the next town away but i don't often visit. i don't know why. it's comfortable driving the backroads of my youth. there is always new things but it's the old stuff, the house where i lived, my grandmothers place, the town park where my friends and i spent countless hours wasting.......countless hours. the park was named after my grandfather, five years after he passed on. my grandmother was around for the ceremony and i'm sure my grandad was watching from above. it's not a grand park or anything, always had a water problem. i made my way to the far end, a green bridge and made some casts. two small bass later i left but not before i ventured up in back of the b ball courts where 35 years ago lay a pretty good size series of fields dotted with irregular stone walls heading in all directions. now it's heavily grown over but there are still paths that wind there way to..... who knows?there were signs of teenage activity, ie. empty liquor bottles hidden behind ancient pines. its good to see things haven't changed totally. certain memories always come rushing back when you go home, some good, some bad but always interesting......have a nice sunday trip down memory lane yourself today, jack c