Sunday, May 16, 2010


good afternoon, just watching the clouds fill a once sunny sky. it is a beautiful sunday afternoon and i thought i'd blog a little before enjoying some red wine and the newspaper on the front porch. yes, i'm one of those types who still like reading the printed word. i know the death knell has been sounded for the newspapers across the world, replaced by the world wide net but i''ll resist till they close the book on me. the two can coexist and they shall, that's all i have to say on that at the moment. went to the cape yesterday, great to be back at the shore in search of the stripped bass. they managed to elude me this time but i''ll be back, tis early. just watching the water flow, in and out, east and west, relentless in its precision is worth the trip. well, that's all folks, today, not forever......ciao, jack c


  1. hello john iread your blog and love your choise of word i wish i could write such lovely words

  2. why thank you blog?