Monday, November 2, 2009


how do you stay warm in winter? layered clothing, hot toddys, another log on the fire? for those in northern climes you have to be creative. oh, i suppose if you have the time and money you could just flee winter's grasp and head somewhere, anywhere the temperture doesn't fall below eighty but for the majority of folks that is not an option. it's not just the cold, it is the dark, unrelenting night, the boredom of confinement, the narrowing of our lifestyles that tends to drag you down and put a freeze on things. you just don't come home after eight hours of work, grab a glass of wine and the newspaper and sit out on the porch, an open porch, and relax when the thermometer reads twentyfive and the wind is blowing in your face. it would be nice to follow the sun, to not have to deal with all the miseries that winter brings. maybe this year,maybe not. i''ll let you know. til then, i will do as i always have done and what my ancestors did.....struggle to stay warm and keep the faith....the faith that spring will be early this year


  1. We have a Pineapple Express rolling through Vancouver right now, and it's very warm. Oddly enough, we do have very warm winters, and even palm trees growing here. :-)

    Stay warm!

  2. it sounds perfect, jo. pineapple express? never heard that term before. enjoy the holidays....jack c